dinner 7 days


no reservations/no phone number

not currently wheelchair accessible but trying to figure it out (3 stairs)

For large parties, we are happy to now take limited reservations, with a few caveats. 

- groups of eight or larger are accepted. please note that we can fit a maximum of 13 people at one table, and that is super tight.  There may be a additional charge for groups above 13, as it takes up significantly more space in our dining room.

- we ask that we are allowed to write a menu specifically for your group. it will be based around there current a la carte menu, but taking into account and allergies and dietary restrictions of your party. we will work directly with you to craft the menu in a way that meets your needs and desires. food menu's will cost $55-$65pp based on day or week and time of evening (we base this price on the typical amount of money we would make on that table for the time that the average large group spends having dinner with us). 

-we encourage your group to work with us to design a beverage menu specifically tailored to your group, which we can offer as a la carte or preset pricing. we are very open to making it work for your group.

-menu's will be custom printed for your group, and can include additional menu copy that your group would like

-if you are interested in this style of meal, feel free to email us at, we would love to have your group in!