dinner 7 days


no reservations/no phone number

not currently wheelchair accessible but trying to figure it out (3 stairs)

if you are interested in getting a gift certificate to the restaurant, there are a few ways to going about it -

- if you are local, gift certificates can be picked up anyday after 4:15PM in any denomination. if we don't answer the door right away, the kitchen music is probably too with jock jams or something, so feel free to come through the door via the dean lobby (or knock harder).

- if you are not local, please email us at with a phone number and good time to reach you. a staff member will call and take a credit card over the phone, and then we can mail out a gift certificate wherever you like

-just as a note, gift certificates to north restaurant are not transferable to north bakery, and vice versa. unfortunately while it the same owner, its different companies, and we don't want to get yelled at by our accountant