dinner 7 days


no reservations/no phone number

not currently wheelchair accessible but trying to figure it out (3 stairs)

Jen Wittlin - front of house manager

jen has worked across the country, owns two dogs named Meatball and Patrick, and has all of the traits and mannerisms one would expect from someone who was born and bred in Connecticut (yo)


Mike Lawyer - chef?

Mike is a Cleveland native who was a sous chef at Lola until he got over it and moved out to the Willows Inn to harvest rocks and cook salmon all day. He heads up the kitchen with Tim.


Tim Shulga  chef?

Tim is the only true Vermonter of our crew, and quite possibly Providence's most mysterious man. He owns multiple (small) yachts. He is far less Canadian than this pictures leads on. 

Lauren Nyblom bartender/server

Lauren was our first employee hire ever. She is known for giving great Secret Santa gifts, passing her anger management course with flying colors, and distinct dislike for celebrities who are privatizing RI beaches.